How to meet new boys if you don't hang around with any?


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Simple, just start hanging around the mall or whatever places it is that kids hang out at nowadays and soon the boys will notice you but just be yourself and definitely dont do something stupid or desperate like throwing yourself at them. Play mysterious and somewhat hard to get as boys like a good challenge and dont believe everything boys tell you either as most are out for only one thing so please be careful, as boys are probably the most dangerous animal known to society
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How r u today arthur, hope very well... Take care!
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Good my friend, thanks and you?
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I am also feeling well... U r one of the best person i ever meet on online, u almost help every single person here, so caring.... I feel good that i talk with u... Wish u a lovely day arthur! Take care!
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Hangout at a store and find new people,theres endless possiblities
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Hangout at like walmart or the mall then you should see some guys and then you ccan hang out with them and become their friend or whatever :P
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Make you a facebook & upload your cutest pictures. Add boys from your area, from your school. (dont just add men you have never met or heard of, they can be creepers!) & also add girls so you do not appear to desperate. The guys will comment on your pics & its an easy way to get to know the guys from your school with out having an akward face to face convo. Pretty soon, youll feel comfortable enough to approach these guys, theyll become your friends. & they will approach you. Just be careful who you make your personal information avalible to & never try to hard! Play hard to get!

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