I Finally Found My Long Lost Friend And Although I Was Very Excited Things Don't Seem To Be The Same Anymore. She Doesn't Return My Calls Or Talk To Me Much, When I Ask If Everything Is Ok, She'll Reply With Something Like "Yeah, I've Just Been Sick". Does She Not Want Me Around Anymore?


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Hey don't lose your hope there is always an open door somewhere, so be happy. Well, as you are looking so concerned and so worried about your friend I can understand that pain it hurts a lot. Now its my advice to you that as you have mentioned in your question that you're kept on calling her and she didn't reply for your phone calls and not responding you in proper way as same she was in past with you but you can't refuse that fact that may be she got engaged with some other person and she is busy with him that's why not giving proper time to you, or there is possibility that, she heard some bad views or remarks about you or may be she have some guilty feeling about you so she is hesitating to tell you about it.
Now just try to meet her and talk to her and try to know her views about you .then the whole situation will be quiet clear to you, that why she is behaving like that, and don't get dishearten that she don't want you any more .always hope for the best and things definitely turn good for you. So don't waste time and talk to her.

Best of luck!!
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I would say that she doesn't want you around. How long had it been since you saw or talked to her before your reunion? You know people change and make new friends and their old ones just don't fit in with their lifestyle or their friends. It's normal for this to happen; I would suggest just let it go and forget about calling her. Revolve your life around your family and current friends. If it's meant for the two of you to be close again it will happen on its own terms. I wouldn't push it or make any more attempts contacting her see if things resolve on its own. GOOD LUCK!!

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