I am totally In Love with this classmate of mine that is soo cute. The problem is she is very evasive at times I'm there even if she is busy or not. I can't tell her I'm In Love with her because she might not talk with me anymore. How do I handle this?


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You can really like somebody but I don't exactly think you can be 'in love' with somebody who you rarely talk to. Try talking to her. Ask her to go on a walk with you. Don't confront her about your feelings right away because you sort of want to be certain with hers because you don't want it to be awkward if she doesn't like you back> :'D Good luck!!
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Feeniks Kun
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Thanks for the tip Daisy, but as you know, she was my classmate since my freshmen year. I was infatuated once, but after two years of being with her (not actually), i became in love with her, and this became a serious problem to me. I'm not infatuated. :'( what should I do?
(your other ideas were fine, thanks for the help ^_^)
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You may as well tell her. She could say yes or she may say no. Either way you will never know if you don't say something. Then one day she will walk out of your life never knowing you cared.
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Feeniks Kun
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Uhh yeah.. Wouldn't it be too straightforward with your feelings? I don't wanna get a slap in the face you know..
Adrian Masters
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I have never seen anybody get slapped for telling a girl they really like her and would like to date her. Man up dude! Stop being a wimp. The absolute worst thing that can happen is she could laugh at you. The best thing that could happen is you find the girl of your dreams. Go for it and good luck.

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