How Do You Know If A Guy Is Loyal To You?


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You can only tell if a guy is loyal to you by testing him.
In my opinion, trust is earned- so it is natural to want proof that he is loyal.

Here's how to test a man's loyalty to you:

Is your man loyal?
My advice is to not take loyalty for granted.

Few men are truly loyal - so if you find a guy that manages to pass the following test, I'd recommend you keep him locked up in the basement so he can't escape (only kidding- I've been watching too much Desperate Housewives).

The following are ways you can test your man's loyalty:

  • Try telling him a made-up secret that he'd be tempted to tell everyone. Ask him not to tell people, and see what he does.
  • Ask him to do something you know he doesn't really want to do - will he do it to keep you happy, or are you not quite important enough?
  • Will he stick around when times are tough? Tell him you're pregnant and see whether he runs a mile or sticks around for the baby shower.
  • Is he ready to take a fall for you? Tell him that you've committed a minor traffic offence. Ask him to take the rap for you so that you can avoid points on your license. Would he be loyal enough to stick by you?
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A guy is loyal to you when he tells you everything even if it means hurting you.
He knows it's better to hear it from him then anyone else.
As far as my boyfriend goes... Well, we have been through a lot.
And he told me everything he did... And that's how you build trust.

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