What Percentage Of Teens Fight With Parents?


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From the last I've seen 97% fight with there parents. Why? Because it's just part of being a kid and rebelling against what your parents say.  I did research on this when I was in school and studies showed that the more parents are strict with there kids the more the kid will rebel against it. Its fine to have rules but at the same time parents need to think back..kids are kids and give them what they want sometimes because in the future the kid will remember and sometimes will never forgive.
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My parents were very strict with us ,we couldn't go to a school dance,and we couldn't have friends over,nor could we go to their houses,we barely got to go to a movie,and that was few and far in between,but it helped me out in the long run,having discipline in my life prepared me for my own children,was I strict?more so than my parents,but we did more things together than my folks and I ever did,so at the same time I was teaching them rules and how to follow them but at the same time I spent quality time with them,they at least had the opportunity to go to someone else's home but not to spend a night,in my home that was not allowed seeing as I didn't trust to many people.

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