What is the main problem of teenagers?


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Well the most important problem, which leads to frustration of teenagers is, they say that "nobody understand us". The reason behind this problem is that, mostly there family members talk harshly to them, and always try to impose there ideas on them because they think that, they are still child and don't understand, but if family give them encouragement then they can do much more good works.

Another problem which mostly teenagers have, is face problems, at this age acne are the main problem of face, and teenagers are very keen about there face and looks they don't want any extra thing on there face and want there looks something different.Teenagers are very conscious about there personality and physique they want to look perfect and because of this thinking they are always in tension, that how to make there looks better.

Another problem is that, they don't find a true friend who understand and listen them. When they don't find any good company, then they get addicted to bad habits, which become problem for there whole life and they can't get rid of it.So mainly for teenagers good company is much more important than any thing else.
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They are always worried about the following:
1. Sex
2. Popularity
3. Drugs
4. Eating
5. Beauty
6. Peer Pressure
7. Bullies
8. School
9. Parents
10. And Rumors/Secrets
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Boy/girls they like, gossip between class mates, homework, teachers, and parents always on your case, and trying to keep up with the latest trens.
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There are many psychological issues associated with teenagers. Some of these include:

An interest in sexual activity due to maturity in the body, which can lead to teenage pregnancy.

The tendancy and possibility of the use of drugs and alcohol.

Mental problems such as schizophrenia, eating disorders and depression.

Emotional instability which can lead to youth crime.

Searching for a unique identity. Teenagers often look for role models, such as rock stars, sports players, movie and television performers. Teenagers often express a desire to be like their chosen role model. Some teenagers may crave adulthood and to find their place in society.

'90% of adolescent identify themselves with a peer group' (Palmonari, 1989). According to Buhrmester (1992), if a teenager is part of a peer group who give emotional support, then they are less likely to be depressed or have anxiety.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), adolesence covers the period of life between 10 and 20 years of age, and is a specifically turbulent as well as a dynamic period of any person's life.

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Not  getting  proper  sleep at  night  and  falling  out  of  relationships or  going thru many relationships   that  don't  last  long
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The things which lay a great impact on the life of teens in today's world are the communicative modes.Their main problems are drugs ,drinking and smoking because the parents don't care about them.

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