Well today my ex GF birthday, i text her and call her but she don't reply me, now when i call her my call get disconected automaticaly? What is wrong , are she put my no. On block(black) list?


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I really hate to tell you my friend, but I think all these answers are right in that its sounding like she just isn't all that much into you anymore  and shes just too afraid to tell you so shes taking the chickens route out here. So pick up the pieces of your heart and move on and within time, youll get another chance at love and hope that when it shows, you know what to do with it. Don't look back un less you plan to go there. Sorry to hear this and good luck
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I think she has moved on. Maybe you should do the same.
You're just going to hurt yourself more if you don't.
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Arun, I am sorry but you must move on now as it is so clear that she does not want any involvement. But some other nice girl will. Just you wait and see. Hang in there.
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Arun Bera
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She loose a so romantic guy..... I just wanna wish her but she ignor me, never mind, i wish she will be happy live anywere! Thanks eleanor!
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Ex- GF means ex- everything as far as she's concerned now Arun.When some girls say it's over , it really is and most will then delete their ex-BF from their life.Sorry to be the bearer of bad news my friend, but it seems you're out of her life and she's got no wish to acknowledge you.
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She has :( know how your feeling you need a lovely warm hug :) xx
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Lol follow me again I'm not mad at you :)

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