He's Not Responding To Me Anymore, What Should I Do?


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Will Martin Profile
Will Martin answered
This is strange behavior, isn't it? If I were you I'd text or email him to explain that you find it strange, and maybe ask him why he keeps sending you gifts but won't talk to you? If he doesn't reply, I suppose you would then have to decide whether to let it carry on, or politely start returning the gifts. Hope he does reply though.
cat cathy Profile
cat cathy answered
If I were you I would to talk him.. You guys should talk because there is something that is not that clear.. Especially on your part.. You have questions on your mind that need an answer and the only person that can answer those question is him..
Denise Uy Profile
Denise Uy answered
Some guys are like that. They give you stuff but they won't talk to you. Don't worry about it just give it time. Of course, who is not afraid to talk to a girl he likes. But if he keeps doing this then when you meet clear things out with him. Remember that other guys flatter girls with gifts because they don't know what to do anymore when they're face to face with you.
Michelle Ashley Profile
Michelle Ashley answered
Chill the heck. Breath woman it could be that you're trying to hard if something is up you will find out soon than later,besides don't you have better things to concentrate on? Like your self. Chill.

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