When 13 year olds are slow dancing, how close should they be? And when they kiss, how long should they hold it?


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There are no rules that I know of for how close you should be and how long a kiss should be. Although at 13, I would recomend at least a few inches between you when you dance. As for kissing, I think a quick smooch, a pucker, would be all you should be doing at this age. 13 is too young to be getting too serious. At least if I were your mother, that's what I'd say.

And if you didn't listen to me I'd handcuff you to the bed post till your in your 30's.
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It depends on the dance and how long you have known the guy. If you have known him for 1+ years, and you are in an area where others are not, maybe 2-3 seconds? If you barely know him i would refrain from kissing. If you are in a public area and you dont want to go public ( with your relationship ) don;t kiss and say you are dancing as friends.  Careful however who you choose to kiss..... And on the how close you should be.... And inch to the width of a magazine if you know him good.... If not 3-5 in would be better
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Im only 13 but ive known him for 8 years, weve been going out for about a month or 2 and its our second time going out..when we danced it was at semi and we were dancing really close and we kissed for about 5 seconds
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5 seconds is dat all if u use ur Tongue (hope I'm not 2 descriptive) u shud b at least 5 minutes no longer than 15 or it can b a disaster
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My advice is to go with the flow, live in the moment, see what happens. Enjoy!

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