Every Guy Thinks My Sister Is Hot, How Do I React?


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I had the same problem growing up. I had low self esteem problem, and I had 4 hot sisters. The only difference was, I'm a guy. So it was great on slumber party nights. I went from very shy to very popular in about 3 years. It was great. Lol
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Wow, I can so relate to what you are saying its similar to what I've experience going up with my sister. I'm the oldest of 3 girls and I grew up well my whole entire life I had a low self esteem and I'm always compare to my sister. Growing up she had everything I didnt when it came to physical appearance. We both equally beautiful but she have a curvy body and in the caribbean if you don't have a booty you anit saying nothing. So she got all the attention I didnt. The guys that I was with will say the same thing...people would ask whose older, or "what happened". If we have the same parents...it got so out of hand until I hated being in the same room with her cause I know how much attention she was going to get. It wasnt healthy for me it was only contributing to my self - esteem issue.
So over the years I've learnt that I have to accept me for me, for who I am and what I'm lacking. I have flaws and instead of making them my main focus I've put my focus on something worth while. Aye you sister might be hotter but it still wont stop you from getting attention or a man. When people say things to you in that regard just take it as a joke or a compliment don't let it get to you because you will find yourself becoming envious. I'm so comfortable being with my sister now - I root for her when people come up to me now and say how good she looks. Thats my sister and I love her no matter what.
I hope my advice helps!
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Try acting nonchalant about it. Maybe talk to the person who says she's hot and ask him not to say that in front of you.
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The character Dexter in the Showtime series of the same name responds with variations on "It is warm out today" or an acknowledgement that she's been diligently exerting herself on proper activities (usually work).

An alternative is "Acknowledged, next subject?" or "I hear you, next subject?"

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