Is it possible that you start liking someone only because you found out that they REALLY like you? Will t end up being okay or jst a disaster?


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Betty Cheng Profile
Betty Cheng answered
It all depends on how you want it to end if you go all the way with it. And yes, it's all to possible that you can start liking someone just because they like you. So it's ok to take the chance. Go for it. You'll never know what can happen. Cheers and good luck.
Jesse James Profile
Jesse James answered
People often say that you should like who likes you but if you do not possess a natural attraction or nagg for the person, forcing yourself to like them can lead to disasters. Ask yourself, do you find yourself lusting at other guys? When you fantasize is he in your fantasies? Do you think about him in a loving way when you are apart? My advice to you is this, do not focus so much on the fact that the person likes you but focus on whether or not you like the person enough to see yourself having a long term, committed relationship with them.
Namey McNamepants Profile
It is very possible.  Before you go into anything you may want to take some time and see what else could attract you to this person.  But hey try it could be worth your while.  From personal experience I can tell you that you will always wonder if you don't.
megan Debbro Profile
megan Debbro answered
Yea, it could be possible. !
Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered
If this is the only reason then this is headed for a disaster and soon as thios could and will never work out
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Hannah Davis answered
It's possible I guess, but it's only because its fun and exciting to have someone likeing you. But my opinion is it'll probably end up in disaster.
Kennedy Werbenjagermanjensen Profile
Yes you can start liking someone just because you found out they like you. But you should always start as friends and after you get to know this person and find out who they are and what they're about, if you still like this person, tell them how you feel and things may go to the next level. Weather its holding hands, googly eyes, or even starting up a relationship.

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