One of my guy friends keeps on insulting me constantly. I heard that if a guy insults you it might be because he likes you which I'm not sure of because he kinda likes someone already. Is it that he likes me or he's just being a jerk?


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Jaimie JT answered

I absolutely hate that young girls are told that if a guy is mean to , insults you , pulls your hair ect.... Ect ... That that means they like you, NO. That's teaching girls to accept and think a lack of respect is cute and flirty. If a guy likes you he will show you in a respectful way and if he doesn't ... OFF WITH HIS HEAD !! Meaning ..just pay him no mind and find a respectful guy, they do exist :)

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Angela Anthony answered

Oh man....he's just being a jerk! Set your sights to a much better type of man.....nice, polite, respectful. Those who insult are very insecure with themselves, red flag 🚩

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Tom Jackson answered

If he's 8 or 9, that might explain his motivation.

On the other hand, if he is old enough to actually have any real interest in you as a person, that's not the type of behavior he should or would continue to engage in.

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If a guy likes you and is impressed with you he shows it by. Being kind and gentle. He wants everyone to know What a great girl you are. He would hold you in high esteem. If he is insulting you. He has no respect for you and none for himself. I say walk away. If a guy treats you bad public, imagine what he will do in private

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Guys who like you won't be mean; they'll be nice or try to be your friend. So this guy is just a jerk. You should tell him to stop teasing you.

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