There Is This Guy Who Acts Like A Complete Jerk Around Me.and I Dont Know If He Hates Me Or If He Likes Me Or What?i Need Help...


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just because the guy acts like a total jerk around you does not
necessarily mean that he is in love with you. In most cases yes,
but you have to evaluate everything he does in order to get your
answer. I am a guy and I treated my best friend like a lady when
we were in school. But after I graduated she started dating
someone else and I truly loved her. I started to treat her like crap
and then a year later she told me that she loved me and it
was a weird experience for me. I found myself confused on what
to do and now we are working towards our 2 years in a great
So remember, just because a guy acts like a jerk towards you does
not mean that he likes you. It could be the opposite and he might
want nothing but your depression.
Hope that his helps.
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Just tell him how you feel and if he doesn't like you for the person that you are then just ignore him he is ignorant not to like you but even so you'll find the right guy

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