Why is this girl so jealous of me i just don't understand?


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I understand... I get jealous responses and reactions every day. LOL! My own co-workers are always wanting to put me down. Why?!?! Because they know that I'm really good in what I do, intelligent, professional, and always carrying a postive attitude.

In your case, it's very similar. I bet you're an overall achiever. And you don't rub it in peoples' faces but "somehow" they get offensive because you are competition in their eyes. Naturally they compare themselves to you... I don't know why... So, don't worry... Although people's jealousy is right awful. Try to avoid conversations, social gatherings, and etc together. Whenever I'm surrounded by peers I usually know someone is out to get me. They want to know all about you and then sink into your weakness later. These people are manipulative and crazy. Just get away from those type of jealous people. I personally had to deal with one before... Currently, I'm dealing with 2 "less" crazier people... I truly hate going to work because of them. But oh well, I still carry on with my excellent personality. WHY? Because I know better and I am better. Dang, that sounds a bit conceded...

Good luck though. Whenever you want to let your frustrations out you can chat with me. I understand... =)
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Okey well most girls wont admit it but girls are just naturaly jealous about guys. Girls like to look good around guys even they don't like the guy. But if your a girl the other girls just jealous cus your gettin some one she likes girls natualy fight to be the hottest and to get more attention. Well hope I helped
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Because she thinks you have something she doesnt
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Probably because you're pretty and shes ugly(Haha!)probably because you're popular..
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What are you doing to him?  It could be that or he's scared that someone else will treat you better than he is doing.
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Some people have a way of subconsciously being cocky or big headed. Maybe you were exuding confidence and the girl mistook that for being cocky? Possibility? It's that or you must be really pretty. One or the other
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Maybe she loves you,and seeing you with others makes her jealous?but you can ask her what is her problem
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Emily Smith
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I'm pretty sure she doesn't mean she's gay (not that there is anything against that) for her I think she was just referring to the fact that a girl she knows is jealous of her.

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