My 13 y/o daughter is dating a 19 (almost 20) year old man, would yall allow your 13 to do this?


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Absolutely not. I'm not sure where you're from, but I'm pretty sure that almost everywhere this is considered statutory rape and for this he can actually be considered a registered sex offender. This might be a tough situation to handle without harming your relationship with your daughter (at least temporarily). Maybe you should tell them to break it off and just be friends. If they still feel the same way about eachother when she's 16 or 17, then so be it. That is a better age for a relationship with an age gap so large. But whether or not this is the case, you should realize that kids are starting to become sexually active at really young ages and I would really recommend sitting down with your daughter and explain anything and everything about sex (contraceptives and the risks, etc.). She might be upset with you for a while if you make them break it off, but you should realize that your daughter is someone that your teaching morals to, not necessarily a friend (all though that could definitely be a plus) and overall, you are just trying to keep her safe, I'm supposing at least. There are a lot of sick people out there and for her safety, I wouldn't recommend allowing their relationship to continue.

Ps. I'm currently 18 years old. I am thinking of moving out on my own very soon and am currently going to college majoring in pre-med. The reason I'm saying this is so that you can get a general feel for the age gap. Is your daughter sitting down and contemplating what her life goals are, what her soon-to-be career is, learning how to pay her own bills, as well as taxes, and thinking about getting a job that will one day have a pension? Well, he probably is, and if he isn't, then he's irresponsible to say the least.
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I'm 13 and most girls like older guys but if hes 19 hes probably after a little more than a kiss & cuddle:L if you no what I mean. I think 2 years are sensible. But instead of making rash decisions and making your daughter hate you(I hate being told I can't date sum1) ask if you can meet him, if you like him and think he loves your daughter I see no reason to stop her? Just make sure he knows she just 13(: Hope this helps <3 xxxxxx
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Yes I would if she truely likes him don't break her heart like that let her decide for herself.
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Under no circumstances would I allow this and like the song says about we live by two things in this country, God and Smith and Wesson and he might meet them both if he hung around my underage daughter. No 19 year old has any business whatsoever even being around a 13 year old
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Don't allow
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At this moment in time, while the child is 13, it is unacceptable for them to be ‘dating’ anyone more than two years older than them. However, I believe this doesn’t apply once the child becomes older. My own parents are eight years apart. At a certain point in time it’s okay for a couple to be more than a few years apart, but more than ten is... Strange.

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Of course not thats practically rape and he's old enough to have sense and to know that thats considered rape so excuse my text but HELL NO !
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I would have to say no. I'm dating a 21 almost 22 y/o but I'm a little older then your daughter. Honestly I think that is just wrong my dad agrees with this not at 13
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No well on top of the age difference, your daughter is too young for a relationship. Try to stop her or she'll get very terrible injuries in this age.
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NO I wouldnt do not let her go over the 2 years of age limit on a relationship cause therefore he is older so he might presure her into doing something!!
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I'm 14 and I wouldnt even think about dating a 19 year old myself. But if a have a kid and he/she is 13, I woulld not

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