I Hate My Mom Because She Doesn't Love Me Much Compared To My Sister. I Accept That She Might Have Talent In Her Academic Performance. I Have Knowledge In Programming But I Am Not Getting Opportunities. How To Handle This Situation?


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I also feel sad about you. A good mother never does such things. From your statements it looks she is not your real mother. Otherwise, you would have loved you the same way.

I suggest you to do good with her. Even if she scold you and make you feel unhappy always, you treat her with the best manners and morality. Talk to her with love and affection and always obey her. Your mother will take time to realize your importance but she will realize it very soon. God says that treat your parents with love, care and affection and you should act on it. You will be successful and rewarded one day for your patience.
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I also sympathise as I was in a similar situation in my childhood. All of the above advice is good, and I would just add that you do not need to let yourself be defined, or limited, or affected by the attitudes of the people around you. Do your duty by the people in your family, but remember that your life belongs to you - it is your treasure - make of it what you wish for.
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Urrrghhh!  I have the same problem.  I'm probably much older than anyone else in this post but my mom won't talk to me, listen to me, help me out with money (although she gives ALL her money to my brother who has a drug problem).  I am on disability for life and I never get a dime from her.  I live off the men in New York (city) and she knows it and doesn't care.  It's just really bad.  I feel so sad.  I try to talk to her about my feelings (and also give her the opportunity to talk about hers) but I get nowhere because she could care less.   I am having a hard time with this right now but at least I have pretty good friends for support.
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Hi, I truly understand how you feel. I was in your shoes when I was growing up. I know it hurts being the last one to be recognized, but I must tell you sometimes you never get praises from the ones you love. My Mother is gone now so I will never get the praises I wanted from her. I learned years ago to continue what I do best and look for a higher power to recognize me. My daughter and I were the only ones in our family to write a book, we never received hardly any praise or recognition from my family. To me, it was one of my highest achievements, not to the family. So, I said that to say this sometime we must blow our own horns of praise. Let the good works we do speak for us. Take care!
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Learn to live with it, that's what I did. Eventually, it won't affect you. Because as far as I know, there is no possible solution. Your parents will never accept they love her more.
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Sometimes we can misunderstand when one family member gets more attention than the other. It could be because your mum thinks she needs the attention more because she is less able to look out for herself than you. Perhaps she feels that you need her less because you are a stronger personality than your sister. The only sure way to find out is to talk to her. Take her out for a nice meal and let her know you appreciate her and respect her. Sometimes we can give false impressions to our parents in how we deal with them. Let her know how you feel in a cool and calm manner and above all, listen to what she has to say. Some of what she says may be true and some not, but at least this will break the ice. Don't jump to the conclusion that she doesn't love you.
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Well, I'm also in the situation, I'm already 40years old, my parents never care or love me. They loved my sister very much she was sent to boarding school after that to US for her University & she & my parents look down on me. Honestly, I never get an opportunity from them, when I was 7years old I need to do all housework if I don't I get beaten by my mum. If anything wrong in the house I will get punished very badly by them. Today, my sister still not working, told me her life in US is struggling talk rubbish to my mum only know how to ask for help from me & my mum. But my mum never change her love to her, still give her money & spoilt her. 4 years back she wants to come back to Asia to visit parents but told me no money so I thought my parents are old so I decided to give her an air-ticket (round trip) from US to Asia, not a ward of thankyou nor any gift from her, only get insulted word from her & mum (when she was in Asia). Few days back, same story look forward to visit parents because they are old, & asking me for a free air-ticket again. This time, I just tell her off. Believe it or not today I need to finance 50% of my parents expenses but my parents still not Happy with me & insult me. Not that my parents don't have money, they prefer to take money from me so that they can help my sister.(they insisted that every month I must give them certain amount of money) Please tell me is there any fairness. Well, when I told my parents they can't give her all their money, they need to save some for their medical, she scolded me I "curse" them. I feel very sad. Till today I still wonder are they my real parents???

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