I Am Tired Of Looking For Love, Does That Mean I Am Not Good Enough For Any Guy?


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nouran ali Profile
nouran ali answered
Don't look for love , let love looks for you :)
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Attiya Ghafoor answered
Dear fellow this is not the case that you are not well enough to find the love of any person. If you will not be a good fellow so you will never find out this passion. Try to recognise yourself. Every one how much he may be bad but along with it he is blessed with some virtues. And you know the person who is hungry for love how much blessed he is by the Divine Power. Every Human being is loveable. First try to love yourself. If you will think like that about yourself that you are not good enough, so how it can be expected that some one will say that you are good enough to love. For whom you cry does not deserve your tears and the person who will love you he will never let you cry.
Annabelle Snyder Profile
No, your plenty! Besides you can't always look for love, it sometimes knocks on your door. But only when your ready. Just remember not to give up on love.
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Cecil answered
You are you just hve to wait fr when the time comes :)) don't worri too much abut it :PP

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