Im Really Nervous For My First Do I Overcome That?


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I was really nervous the first time too. But at the end I just did it and my boyfriend made me feel comfrontable which made it much easier. Just calm down and relax and don't rush things, if your not ready your just not ready.
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Don't stress every one nervous there first kiss I was so much so I missed  because I really liked the girl and I went in to kiss her and I missed a bit I kissed the side of her lip but she giggled and grabbed my chin and kissed me we are bf and gf now and we laugh about it all the time.
But just when the times right just lean in and kiss DO NOT ask to kiss that stinks just do it when you both kinda alone just go for it and close your eyes and let him leen in and pick a side to tilt his head  and don't push hard at all me vary light. Lick you lips a bit but not a lot because its gross a lot but they can't be dry lol  K good luck
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I'm so nervous can you help me

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