I Don't Know Why But I Feel So Down. How Can I Be Happy Again?


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The only way you are really going to be happy again is to find out what is making you unhappy. You will find you can try and change anything you want, but this problem could come back to haunt you.

It may be a difficult thing for you to think about. Maybe its something that happened a long time ago, it could be something really small thats just niggling away at your subconscious. But you will have to find out what it is.

There are some things you could do to help improve your mental state and make you better equiped to face those problems.

One of those things is exercise! You may not feel like it but regular exercise is a great way release stress and push good hormones around your body helping you to feel energised. If you don't like the gym why don't you join a dance group, get a jogging partner or take up a martial art. You will also broaden your social network!
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- take a walk
- sing (if you can play an instrument do that too)
- write what you're feeling
- if you know the problem, try to look at its long term potential. Is it a problem worth worrying about or another little speed bump in a happy life?
- do something different today, maybe chat to a parent or a sibling and find out what they're up to

I go through downs like this. I'm going through one right now actually. I noticed something years ago that continues to help me in these situations: No matter how many grey clouds are there to make a day dark, the sun is still there shining bright even though you can't see it. Happiness is there, it`s just hidden by your problems.
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Take a little quite time to  yourself and look in a mirror, then
really ask yourself what the issue is that is making  you feel
so down. If you really key into to this, it will come to you. But
don't sit around and mop. Call a friend, get on a chat line find
someone to confide in sometimes when we do this we find
that our problem is not so big after all. And remember there
are people who care. I do. I don't have to know you to feel
your pain. Keep your head high and hang in there. Better days
are ahead. Good Luck.
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Well, I do have this problem also, I feel like I have some problems but I know I don't have a problem. Maybe, it's just your physical appearance you're thinking, yea, and maybe the passed events, annoying events and maybe you've encountered an extraordinary experiences..
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If this condition has persisted for 2 weeks or more, you may have depression. Talk to your counselor or an understanding adult about it....*S
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I feel down because I don't have a social life anymore and my friends seem to have gone from my life too.  If I could just get my social life back on track and make some new friends but how? I'm out of ideas?
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Well do some things you enjoy and don't keep things bottled up inside you if nyou have any troubles talk about them with a friend or adult you trust
Hope you feel happy again

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