Why do guys say never trust a female that kisses with her eyes open?


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samual answers Profile
samual answers answered
I say never trust anything that can bleed for seven days and not die.
Sexy Gal Profile
Sexy Gal answered
That is true romance Close eyes,French kiss up goes the leg lol. Opened eyes are just like ok i gtg know and don't give a care.
Maxine Chan Profile
Maxine Chan answered
Because when you kiss with your eyes open there is no passion or chemistry.
Mary Simspon Profile
Mary Simspon answered
I kiss with my eyes closed but every now n then I open them for a sec.
My dude has such a cute face when he's kissing :) he's all into it n it drives me nuts <3
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
Because she is either seeing someone else in your closed eyes or she just doesn't like u hope it helped
Danica Helene Profile
Danica Helene answered
If its a quick not expected kiss then the girl could be like wtf... And confused or surprised. But other than that its prolly cuz shes not interested enough... I dunno.

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