When Was The Last Time You Lied And To Whom And Why?


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I have never lied to anyone. <---- There! Right there, just then did you see it? Lol
Nah seriously the last time was probably this weekend, made it seem like I was busy so I skipped out going to the bar with some friends... Just didn't want to tell them I was broke lol
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When my son was diagnosed as a compulsive liar by his psychologist, I made a pledge to him and myself I would never tell another lie, to help him with his issue.

I have successfully completed over 40 years with out lying. I have discovered there is never just one truth, but there are many different truths to pick and choose from.
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The last time I lied was to my ex boyfriend telling him that I was happy and that I now realized I wasn't in love with him but that's far from the truth I am still hurting and heartbroken and i still loved him more than life itself. Why i told him that was because he said that as long as I'm happy he'll be happy and the last thing I want is for him to know how i truly feel and then he will blame himself.
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It's been awhile but I remember telling a friend in the last few weeks that her hair looked nice after a permanent.  It didn't, flat out, it didn't!  What I actually told her was that it had given some life to her fair...it had, it was kinked all over like a tightly wound spring.  I try to soften some of my lies with a hint of the truth.  Does that make them any less a lie, I don't think so but perhaps they don't sting as much.  I believe Yarnlady said it best, there may be more than one truth (or lie) to choose from.
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I never lied to anyone coz I believe u'll commit sin by saying lies...

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