When You Were Growing Up, What Did You Say You Would Be Doing At This Point In Your Life?


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That is a great goal to have. I just wanted to be like my mother, and to have kids and a home to call mine.
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Married, have a family, graduated college, and have a home and going some where with my life and working.  Well I don't have a job yet cant afford to work because day care is expensive but my children are my work and I am glad I get to stay at home with them and watch them grow some people don't get that.  I would love to win the lottery yet I know that is very unlikely.  I think we would all like to be rich but that wouldn't necessary make us all happy.  We would still have issues then too.  It would be nice though.  Great question.
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Lisa michalski
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Never say what can't be done,because it can be,if you think you wont get it,you wont,but if you think you can and will get it you can!so speak it into existence.Thanks

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