Have You Heard That Boys Are Produced When The Women Does All The Work Sexually And With Girls It Is The Opposite It Is The Male That Has Performed More?


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I have heard that the dads family will decide what you have
like if the dads family the first child born was a boy then you would have a boy
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The scientifically correct answer-not saying anything about evolution, I am a true follower of God, not evolution junk- is that a woman has two x genes. The male has an x gene and a y gene. If the x gene from the male combines with the x gene from the female, the result will be a girl. But, if the y gene from the male combines with the x gene from the female, then it will be a boy. This is so because the y gene is genetically stronger-therefore overpowering and overruling- the x gene from the female. So you see, the x gene creates baby girls, and the y gene creates baby boys because it is stronger. No, I actually have not heard that saying...
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I have never heard this one, I was told that when the mother is carrying if she loses her waist line, she is carrying a boy, and if she is carrying a girl she will keep it, meaning on her sides, where the tummy arcs inward a little.
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Thanks for your answer never heard that one,this is after giving birth and its a boy the female did all the work,this is not to determine what sex the child will be,but thanks
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Thanks now I know why I ended up with seven sons and no daughters I always  thought  it had something to do with my husband being a sausage maker. .
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Ha,Ha,ha,ha WOW 7 boys you were quite active...Smile hahahahaha,darn at that rate was he even participating? Hahahahahahaha you were certainly busy,hahahaha if the saying is true hahaha good luck

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