Is It True That If A Female Is On Top Of Male During Sex Or Puts In More Work Then She Will Have A Girl And If Tet Guy Is In That Position It Will Be A Boy?


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Yes if a woman is top most likely will have a girl female sp-rem is stronger then the male
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Yes, the sexual position is said to have an affect on the sex of the baby, if the female is on top it won't be a deep penetration and a baby girl will be more likely. The acidic parts of the vagina are more likely to kill the male sperms (Y-sperm), the part of vagina close to the cervix (farthest away from the entry point) is basic (opposite of acidic), so the deeper the penetration the greater the chance of male sperms to get to the egg.

Also, Dr Shettles suggests that Y-chromosome sperms move faster so intercourse should be had no more than 24 hours before ovulation to no more than 12 hours after ovulation.

There are some dietary supplements like primrose oil supplements that may help conceiving a boy by increasing the quality of cervical mucus.
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A male passes on either an X or an will not matter if the girl is on top bottom or standing on her head..  Women have XX and can only give an X a male and the male alone determans the sex of the child.
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the only proven way to choose the sex of a baby.
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No, it's not true at all. The sex of a baby can't be affected by the position it was conceived in.

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