Would You Tell A Friend If You Found Out Their Partner Was Cheating?


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Yes they would need to know that their involved with a liar. And their partner doesn't deserve the friend anyways! :) but it depends how you tell them.
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You "stole" my answer.
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Thanks Isab for your answer.
Jojo A.
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Actually they do need to know, but here's how I would do it. I would go to their partner and talk to them about how knowing this information puts you in the terrible position of lying to your friend and possibly losing her, or keeping silent hoping she never finds out you knew and feeling guilty the whole time. Then I would say, I'll give you one week to figure out how YOU will tell her while I figure out how I will tell her, and I guarantee it will be better coming from you so she doesn't have to feel humiliated in front of her friends knowing they knew about it.
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I learned to do it in a certain way that works for me.  I would want to know and have someone tell me in even an awkward way.  I think cheaters belong in the same class as murderers; they  are both killing something very precious for no reason.  I will ask my friend if that was their husband/wife I saw at the movies talking/with...?  Then that is it.  I've done my job and it is up to my friend to check the story and make any further decisions.
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Yes, it would be hard but i would tell my friend, just as i would want my friend to tell me if the situation were reversed
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Yes, I would. If it is my friend that is getting cheated on. If I don't tell her/him then I am not being a true friend. What really sucks is if you are friends with the both of 'em and one is cheating. Who do you be loyal to in that situation? Tough one!!!
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Probably yes and I would ready myself to lose both of them as friends in the end (that is usually what ends up happening when the couple makes up one way or the other).

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