My Friends Laugh At Me And Call Me A Nerd Every Time We Get Our Report Cards Because I Have A 4.0 And I Have Ever Since 6th Grade. What Do I Do?


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I believe that your friends laugh and call you a nerd (A common name used for a person who is smart) because they are jealous. My best way of dealing with that problem has always been to play along with them. Once they see it doesn't bother you, it will take their fun away and your problem, as well. Congratulations and keep up the great work. You are the real winner!
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Hey guys, here's the thing, I know this is tough right now and it may feel like you don't have people to confide in. Don't let the other kids bring you down--I have seen that happen to many people. Do you know who will be laughing when you are all grown up in a fantastic career you enjoy---you! Also, once you get to college and beyond friendships are forged on hard work and knowledge, not "coolness." The smartest boys (or girls, whichever you prefer) are always the ones that everyone wants to marry.

I do know it's hard to think that far ahead, when you are getting called names now---and may happen for another 5 years. But then you have another 70 years to live. Don't you want to head into those 70 years being the smartest you can be?
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Screw them! It's a 5,6 x10e9 times more important what grades you get because they are the factor which will determine your future.  After just a couple of years, you will have forgotten these guys completely and you'll have a new life, but it is your grades which will help you build it.  Verba volant, scripta manent
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I get called a nerd all the time cause I'm miss goody too shoes apparently (I'm smart which id admit :) ) and they think I'm a teachers pet..

For you though I suggest playing along like "yeah nerd here luvin it" wink to show the backfire and yea I'm a comp geek too..
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Tell them, Go ahead and laugh, because you will not be seeing them at Harvard anyway. The people who mock education are uneducated and uninformed, don't bother justifying yourself or being upset at their ignorance.

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I have the same prblem! I just ignore them, and don't show off about it. Sometimes you can act like you got a couple of bad grades and don't actualy shaw them the report card.

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