I really like this boy but my parents dont approve of him because hes 18. ( Im 16) So we have been sneaking around and seeing eachother. My parents found out and now im grounded but me and this boy are still seeing eachother. Is it worth it?


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No it's not. You need to obey your parents, no matter how ridiculous they might seem. In the end you will still love them, and thank them. He's an adult now and in college I'm guessing, so there's a lot of things he might want to do with you that you aren't ready for.
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Awww Hunn thank you for putting my answer as helpful. Because I know that it's hard when your parents refuse to let you see someone. But trust me it's. For your own good.(: I hope all goes well for you.
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Oh my lol I remember those days. I am 34 yr old and I have a daughter that is 13. I was a lil rebel back when I was your age and girlee, I regret a lot of the decisions I made. Had I listened to my parents ( who loved me and only wnated to protect me) I wouldnt have ended up in juvey and prego when I wasnt ready. I  missed out on an education and my whole life from 16-30 was a struggle and yes I definitely blame it on my NOT LISTENING TO MY FOLKS.. You have your entire life to " fall in love" you arent grown enough to even know what LOVE is.. I know you don't want to hear that but its true.. IVE BEEN IN YOUR SHOES.. Focus on school and havin fun with your besties.. Then once you graduate college start making your own money and once your settled than search for your hubby;) lol your sittin over their sayin what the heck? I aint tryin to wait that long.. I'm just giving you advise its what I would do if I had it to do all over again.
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They shouldn't really be interfering you are both of legal age to do what ever you want (apart from drink for you) but you should talk to your parents about it. I can see their point if he is getting you into alcohol and drugs but if not then you should definitely talk to them about it. Don't go sneaking around you will get caught in the end.
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I tried talking to them before I started to sneak around and the second I said how old he was they wouldnt listen to me. Hes not a bad person and he doesnt try to get me to do anything.
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As long as you are living under your parents roof if you are 16 or 60 you live there by their rules in their home. You may not like their rules at times but they have reasons and experiences you have not had yet. They want the best for you.
Even when I would go visit my parents after having lived on my own for years, when I entered and stayed in their home I still went by their rules even when I was in my 60s. It was out of respect to them. Both my parents are now gone but I thank them for all they did for me when I was growing up and spent my time grounded.

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