Do boys like you if they try argue with you or irritate you?


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Jil Blue answered
It means you definately got their attention somehow. You're noticed.
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april flem answered
Some times other times the guy just likes to see you pissed off.
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Andrea Graham
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Lol yeah but like why?
april flem
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It's all about the reactions, when your cheeks flush, eyes widen, brow furrows, lip pinch to together, and you take a deep breath you yell at them look closely. Usually they have a cocky grim plastered onto there face because they just know they got a rise out of you. If you try to just walk off you can bet money they'll try to bait you with at least one more jab if not they just start laughing. It's really annoying!
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Yeah, this is proven.
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jackie leblanc answered
Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes. Or its payback lol
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maya murry answered
Haha I find this question funny. Ok I was told that too, if a boy irritates yor or argues with you they must like you. Well I am in love with this boy and he tortures me. I talked to him on facebook. And surprisingly he said he likes me too. So yes I think when a boy does that they have some feelings for you.

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