I Want To Make Friends- Both Boys And Girls. But How?


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Making friends that are girls:

Well, just act friendly and nice. Just go up to one you think will be a good friend, and ask if they want to hang out with you. If they don't, well, then you've just got to keep trying. Never lose your confidence.

Making friends that are boys/a boyfriend:

Well, if you just want a friend thats a boy, well just be nice to them. If you really like them, then maybe you can start going out with them. Once you get a friend thats a girl, maybe they have some friends that are boys, or maybe they have a boyfriend. Start hanging out with him.    Also, changing your hairstyle doesnt always help. You never know, there might be a boy who really likes you but when you change yourself, they don't like you anymore. If you have some friends that you really trust, tell them the name of the boy you like. They may keep it a secret. But if the boy knows, if he likes you back he'd be happy, and might tell you that he likes you back. So, just be yourself.

I suggest you get some friends that are girls before you start getting a boyfriend. I hope this advice helps you in some way.

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Its pretty easy actually, be casual and down to earth, smile because it makes you seem positive and you love to have fun. If you sit beside someone in school ask them questions at first like hey do you have a pencil or whatever or say hey, hows it going and it will give you great practice to making friends. Eventually your new friends would have other friends and they will introduce them to you. With me,  my problem is being friends with boys, I'm really attractive to be honest and they are really nervous and shy because of that. So now I'm trying to show them that I'm cool to be around with and I love to have fun and stuff. I also kinda talk loud and laugh a lot in class and raise my hand to answer questions so they now I'm sociable and stuff and to capture the attention (I know sounds stupid). Do you any of you guys have tips for this because it would help me and the person who needs answers to this question. To let you know I'm in grade ten.
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Hi you shouldn't worry about making any friends. They will come..you seem like a smart girl. It will get better.you'll see. And that will be a good ideal for you To do something else to your looks,like your hair. And maybe some make-Up..just give it some time. You'll have friends be-for you no it. Just say hi Interdus your self. To your new friends thats all...and you'll have friends beating Your door down. And ever one is a little shy. Don't worry about that.its just gets In the way.thats all. I wish you well- I wish you many friends..     Take care.

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