I Recently Found Out That My Father Is Not My Real Father.Should I Still Call Him Dad?


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Well in my opinion you should call him dad...cause I have a similar problem but mines a bit different.....I know my dad is not my dad I been knowing since I was 8 but I have never told my parents.....but I know it wouldnt of been a problem cause I love my dad cause he was there from the start to now and he was there through the bad and the good and I know hes always going to be there and if your dad is lie my dad FOR SURE I would still call him DAD cause he knows me more than anybody!!!!but it would sure be nice for them to tell me the truth one day cause I would love to meet my real father!!but I hope it wont be to late cause right now I'm 15 and I have a lot of time ahead of me!!!! So hope this would of helped!!
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If this person has been your Dad for a number of years, then I believe you should still call him Dad. It takes a big person to be a parent to a child that isn't his. It takes a special person to be a Dad, not just a one night stand, but the person who has been there for you is your father. Hope this helps.
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If he has actually been a real father to you than I would say yes,but if he has just been another male in the house no,but if you have had that father son relationship there is no reason to terminate it at this point,be respectful to him as he respects you,and if you have always called him dad why stop now since he is the father you know and if he has been good at it, why not continue the relationship if it is not broke don't try to fix it,good luck to you,I know you will do the right thing......I'm counting on you......do shout
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Sure you can. This person has been your father since you were little. And I'm sure that you think of him as your dad.it takes a special person for someone to love a child and raise him even if he is not there own. Anyone can be a dad but it takes a special person to be a daddy. If you love him like he is your dad and you both agree about calling him that then I would go for it.good luck. Hope this helps
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Well it is all about the man, has he always been father to you through good and bad. This again is to question your gut reaction, it is all about what YOU think nothing to do with the rest of the world.
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I think if you care about him and he cares about you then yes you should still call him dad.
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Yes. I think you should because he has been your dad regarding upbringing. Being a dad is not just about genetics. It is much more than that.
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You should call him by his name.  You are lying to yourself, him and all of the family freinds.  What does your birth certificate say?  If it names him as your father, then that is also incorrect and could cause big problems when he dies and his inheritance needs to be divided.  Track down your real father, the bond for me was amazing.  I found out my dad was not my dad when I was 17, the lying has caused me endless problems and mental problems due to people telling me to call the other man dad.
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Just another guy you'd be calling, "Daddy," Toast.  
Nothing odd about that for you.  

This one is also a bit more special...  Beings as you've known him longer than the time it took you to lock the bathroom stall door.
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Yup you can call him dad ...... Hope he treat you like your baby girl...you have a great father respect him yara
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I just found that out too :( I know how you feel, I found out that he adopted me when I was 2 months old and I'm 11 and just found out today june 1st 2009
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I, too, just found this out. However, my father was very cruel to me-- to this day he still doesn't know either. It was my mother's secret. In my case, my father was TERRIBLE to me.

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