Why Am I Always The Victim Of Manipulative Friends? Most Of Them Put The Blame On Me As The Manipulator. This Only Happen To Girls & I'm Still Very Good With My Male Best Friend Whom I Know Since Childhood.I Now Wonder If It Was Me Who Has A Problem.


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We teach other people how to treat us , and you have done a good job here . You have let people run all over you and how I know is I've been just like that . Take away their power , and keep your own power .

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Women are very manipulative creatures and if thratend in any way will strike out. Many female friends growing up proved to fit my theory.  Some women are just bad apples. Keep being yourself and don't worry about all the drama queens out there!
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My bestfriend(guy) told me that people have to fake their way through to maintain a friendship..He advise i should just be fake & it will cause me lesser problems. Life is tough enough in this mean mean world & i shouldn't even be myself? I thought friends was supposed to be there to make u feel better & not worse.

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