What Love Can Do To A Person?


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Well, it can turn your world upside down in a blink of an eye, if you love someone and that person loves you as well, that is the best feeling known to every living creature in this world. The feeling of completeness and being loved is something words can never define, you find yourself on the top of the world and life feels like heave every morning when you wake up and the day goes like that.... You get the confidence in you knowing that someone loves you and you find strength in yourself and you feel that you can do anything anytime... You start looking at yourself and life in a different way and its so positive that every wrong seems right and every impossible feels possible...... You get an unknown energy in yourself that makes you so strong that you can fight for anything that puts harm in your way and the person you love.... You find yourself complete and invincible......

At the same time losing love kills you and you feel exactly the opposite to what you feel when you have love in your life..... You feel like that there is nothing left in it to look for, every day is miserable and hard to pass, you start to think that you might be worthless and you even feel like ending your very life just like I did...... You start to lose interest in everything no matter how beautiful and how special it is, life becomes a black and white soundless movie for you where you don't see any colours and don't hear a sound..... And to be honest you get to know the real things about yourself and this is the time when a person needs to understand his strengths and weakness..... Its the worst feeling to have in life knowing that you are not loved or the person you love is not your's and might never be..... But you need to know one thing that nothing happens in life without the approval of fate or destiny..... If it has to happen it will and if it doesn't then it won't and one should learn the power of fate and respect that.... The moment you feel that you loved the best person in your life as love makes that one person the best and you see nothing apart from him/her AND that person slipped away, no one can help you regain your senses and its all time that heals your wounds and nothing else can help you....

And the honest truth of life is that you meet someone you finally are meant to be with and that very moment you feel that this is why you waited for so long through so much of pain and tears... But trust me its worth going through all of this..... Then only you will be able to understand what is the value of love in life and you get to live only once.....
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I have felt both the feelings that is how it feels to be with the one you love and the feeling of being loved.... And I have felt the pain that it gives to have that person go away..... I hope my answer is not boring...
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What an article is it.
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Thank you.... I appreciate that.....
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Love stinks. Of course its great when you're happy, but then it's over and you become stuck in the same place of agonizing pain and the one you lost seems to be moving on just fine. Love builds us up and can change how we see the world and ourselves. People say everything happens for a reason, and that may very well be true, but that doesn't make it any easier to except heartbreak or rejection. Love is basically gambling. You bet it all then you either win or lose. When you win you feel the rush of your life. You're on top of the world, and everythings right. At first you don't believe it then you start accepting it and being really happy. And why shouldn't you be? You won the game of love!
But if you lose you die inside. You bet and lost it all. No one can help you. You can't even help yourself. Love can make or break you it's all up to chance. Whether you win or lose.

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