Boring Boyfriend, Is It Me Who Has The Problem?


3 Answers

Mark Tautoa Profile
Mark Tautoa answered
Yeah, I think the guy that you're with just don't have the magic touch.
Do this and you will be wet like a water fall. He he I do it.
Your man has to touch you sssslllllloooowwwlllyyyy. oh I forgot there might be kids under age reading this, sorry your on your own on that. Just find the right guy who can do the job right and then only you will be wet... Good luck....
liz stevenson Profile
liz stevenson answered
No it's not you. Sometimes you just don't "click" with people.
You may as well call it a day and find someone you do click with, otherwise you're just missing out.
sanovia stubbs Profile
sanovia stubbs answered
Hormanys aye very tricky they change very often and what I can tell you right now it that your hormony have change for your so called boyfriend

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