I Think My Brother Is On Drugs. What Do I Do?


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This is tough, what type of drugs do you think your brother is doing? Let's no forget that alcohol and tobacco are both drugs and they can both lead to harder substances.  Is he doing a little pot or is it something more serious?  Even pot can be serious so it might be worth trying to find out.  You could approach him, but he is unlikely to come out and admit it straight away by himself.

You need to look for the signs, is there any drug paraphernalia?  What about signs and symptoms, try out this website:


This will help you to see if you believe for sure that your brother has a drug habit of some kind.  Then the kindest thing might be the approach your parents, it's a horrid thing to do, but probably the best thing to do.
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I think my older brother is doing pot, and I'm worryed. His room smells like smoke every time I go in, and I think je amitted it. He told me not to tell my parints, but, you know. What shoud I do?
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I also think my brother is on drugs, I think he uses cocaine but I can't be sure, I think this because, on Christmas day I over heard my other brother (they twins) on the phone to his fiance, she was on loud speaker in his bedroom and he thought everyone was downstairs, and his fiance asked him if his twin was doing cocaine in there house last night :| I know my brother (with the fiance) isn't on them because he is in the army, and the army has regular drug checks... So you can imagine how I would feel hearing this, what should I do? Should I confront him?
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My brother is 21 and his new wife is 43.  My brother has went from seeing the family 3 times a week to 0 times.  His wife is very controlling and said he does not want to see or hear from the family.  I have seen all kinds of prescribed pain pills at her house.
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I also think my brother is on drugs, pot specifically, and I found chewing tobacco in his room what do I do? He is 16.
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The best solution is to try to talk to him. If he doesn't want to open up to you, go to your parents. Although it may seem like tattling, it is the best thing for your brother in the future:) Hope this helps!

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