Can Love Be Bought?


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This is a tricky question, can love be bought, it certainly isn't in the movies and books I've read! But money of course can be used to seduce and impress someone. It's easier to impress someone with a candlelit meal than it is with a bag of chips, but it doesn't mean that person will love you.

Certainly, many people think that children's love can be purchased with gifts or money. It is also right that children respond well to presents, for many years as I was angry that I never received some Christmas or birthday presents from my father, but it wasn't the gift, it was the thought, or lack thereof.

Of course, it's harder to attain romantic love through money, the closest you can get is prostitution!

Someone who marries you for your money, is unlikely to build a happy relationship with you, think what they could get from the divorce settlement!
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Love can be bought if the person accepting the money takes it..., but I'm not to sure to call it love then. If a person is paying someone to love them then they  might have issues that make them believe they are not good enough to find true love.., or maybe just scared they will not find love. If the person receives the money knowing that they don't love the other person..all love and the overall relationship is I guess my answer is that in a situation like that can go both ways.
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Money helps...... But no, true love can't be bought
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As per my view, love is not a thing to purchase. It is a relationship from one person to another person. This love comes from their heart. The word LOVE beats the money. A real love does not expect returns from the person whom they love. We can purchase artificial love only, which is not true. It does not come from their heart. This artificial love is only a body relationship.
I would like to mention that it is that like a father and mother loving their children without expecting any return.
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I think in theory love can be bought. But you have to ask is what is bought really love?
People do engage in relationships, including marriage for money and financial security and it can work for both parties.
However whether or not people can be truly happy under these circumstances is a matter for the individuals. They would have to decide if the relationship was of mutual benefit if real love and affection didn't ever develop.
The news is full of stories of marriages made for money and subsequent, unpleasant divorce proceedings; there is one or two going on at present.
I don't think money can buy real love and affection but there are probably some instances where relationships for money can turn to love but the basis isn't there in the beginning.
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True love can never be bought! Love is not a materialistic thing. Love is something that comes from the heart and if that person "loves" you for the money and gifts, they don't really LOVE YOU! It is as simple as that. Love is everything that doesn't have to do with money or gifts. It is the insides that counts!
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Love could never be bought or, at least, not real love!

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