Has someone ever ask for your advice on a serious pressing personal matter & said I really need your wisdom & understand You put skills 2 their problem. Only to have them completely ignored your advice do what they want and it end very bad for them?


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It has more times than I wish to count. Usually it involves common sense which they disregard or find "that's too easy".

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One of the nice things about Blurtit is that people ask for advice by asking questions and I can put on my geezer hat and pontificate for all I'm worth. Everybody is then free to ignore me, as usually happens, and we all go away with our personal opinions still intact.

In real life I rarely offer advice to anybody, and especially not to my kids. But there have been any number of times I've stood by to help if things go wrong.

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Ancient One
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Didge you go pontificate, when I do it I get people's attention. Then they go about their business and ignore me.
Didge Doo
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I know the feeling well, Ancient. I've done my share of ignoring advice in my time, sometimes with regret. ;)
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It has. You can only do so much and let people make their mistakes. Then be there to help pick up the pieces. If they keep making the same mistake, I walk away.

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Sure, more often than not. So, like other things that I give, I have no expectations. They use the info or not. They learn the hard way, the advice isn't what they wanted to hear, they aren't mature enough to hear it, or I'm flat out wrong. So many possibilities.....In my life I rarely give advice to my friends or family anymore. I find they don't really want to know, usually what they really need is for someone to just listen to them vent.

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Despite i'm just a young man, many asked for my advise and perspectives and it starts with combination of younger and older than me.

Small or big i always take my time to review carefully, analyze accurately and respond patiently and effectively.

I have no expectations. They asking for my opinion not taking orders from me. My job is to give out the best result from the data they have entered into my mind. Therefore, i'll do that and i wish to help. They could have more than one opinion at their table. So they are totally free to choose what they are comfortable with.

Unfortunately, there's lots of examples where someone did not listen to me and ended up negative for them. I would never claim i always say or plan the best but i wish they would listen to what i had to say in those examples.

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But if they are able or choose to come back, they seldom ignore my advice a second time.

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People have ignored my advice and I often expect them to, because people will not change until they've suffered enough. I am not immune from this, that's how I've learned so much over my life time.

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That's the thing about giving advice. It is up to the recipient to take it or leave it .. And rightly so because they are ultimately the ones that either reap the benefits for taking it or not taking it or they pay the consequence for taking it or not taking it. It is their life. And sometimes .. to put it bluntly .. you just can't fix stupid. 

As the advice giver you also can choose to continue to give advice when asked or refrain. Advice is a gift not a command.

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I've been there and done that. My brother gave me some advice on a really personal matter. I didn't think taking his advice would benefit me but boy, was I wrong. I've then learned to take everyone's advice into consideration.

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Everyone had there own path to walk and,

no one can choose it for them. It is there job to be,

themselves just as it is yours.

You are like Johnny apple seed,

you plant the seeds and move on. If they are great seeds,

they may take root, or maybe not. You did your best.

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