My Dear Friends I Need Your Advice , What Would You Do If  A Person Whose Professional Keeps Asking Someone Who Walks With A Limp What Is Wrong With Them , Mind You This Person Is Told Time After Time When They Ask ?


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No, you are not being too fussy.

When she asks again I would simply remind her that you have previously explained the reasons why you sometimes walk with a limp; and then ask her directly why she continues to ask you why you are limping.

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I like Tom's advice for you. I am sure this nurse practitioner has seen so many limps it's like seeing an elbow to her anymore. Or maybe she is required to ask about any visual thing she sees every time, every patient. (I know for me seeing a regular Dr they always ask "do you still take your blood pressure medicine? Blood sugar medicine? Allergy medicine? Etc. Are you still taking the antibiotic? And I want to tell them FOOL! I haven't been in in over a year! Of course I am no longer taking the antibiotic! But they have to ask per policy.) Ugh! Doctors!

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Darren Wolfgang
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Thanks for your answer , yes it gets to me cause it's every time she sees me i am limping , she asks what happen i don't know maybe it's their policy cause their afraid someone could be injuring me at home or someone else could be injuring me cause many mental health clients do not admit when they are being abused it's just makes me wonder , thanks for your help and well appreciate it :) :)
Yin And Yang
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Anytime my friend. 🤗
Darren Wolfgang
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I don't think you're being so fussy, I think you need to find a new nurse practitioner..... Someone who cares enough to remember who you are and what you're health issues are. You have every right to feel offended.

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I can imagine how frustrating this must be!  Next time, I would say:  "This should be in your records from my past explanations, but I'll try one more time.  Now please write this down!"

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Darren Wolfgang
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Thank you Janis , I appreciate your answer and help . Yes this is the second time or more she did this and it sort makes me wonder . I agree with you i need to tell her to write this down in my records !!!
Yin And Yang
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Good advice to! Blurtit is smart! 🤗
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I have Osteoarthritis and Neuropathy in both of my legs, knees , feet and i tend at times to walk with a limp . This Nurse Practitioner whose a Psyche Nurse is professional and sees me for mental health illnesses but i feel offended when she asks me all the time when i see her what is wrong with me and i have to told her. Shouldn't she knew the first time when i told her i limp cause of my illnesses and can't help it or am i being too fussy about this whole matter ?

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