when someone asked you "what's the name of your close friend?" "can I get her number?" what would you do if that someone is your crush?


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Jann Nikka answered

1. I'll ask her first (never saying her name). I wouldn't give either. NEVER give out someone's phone without their permission.

Bikergirl Anonymous Profile

You tell them if they are so interested to ask her for her number personally and let her decide if she wants to give out her number. Not a good idea to give out someone's phone number without their permission.

If she's your crush and you haven't done anything about it .. You shouldn't hold it against someone else for showing interest who is willing to approach her about it. Let her make up her own mind about it.

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PJ Stein answered

You either offer to introduce them and let her decide if she wants to give her number. Or you can offer to give his number to her and let her decide if she wants to call.

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