If someone is on the verge of living on the streets, would you help them out or not? What if they are your relative or friend?


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That would all depend on how hard they were trying to help themselves first.  If they were making bad choices and that's why they're in trouble .. They're on their own.  But if they're a friend or relative and I see they're honestly struggling .. I would do what I could to help them. 

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Only family and only my cousin Michael and Ervin. They are doing a h*ll of a lot better than me right now and to have all of that go south for them would make me feel bad.

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After years and years and years of heartache and headache and tears and my hard earned money and betrayals and lies, scams and my stupid dumb choices and bad decisions and clowning me.

HELL NO.  Final Answer. YEP

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Yes. I hate it when people think homeless people are drunks or just lazy. Everyone has a story. My uncle does not have a house, but he lives in a tent and fixes lawn mowers and picks up bottles for a living. He's not like one of thoughs homeless people who drink beer and forget theyre mistakes. Of couse, other homeless people dont have a home because of a disability, theyre past of some sort and other ideas we dont no of.

I say you should help this individual that your thinking of. Atleast give him/her food. Or help them get off the pavement and help them with counseling. Whatever helps them with theyre situation. I hope this helps :)
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Maxine Chan
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Well my boyfriend will lend her 1,000 dollars and she will have to find a job to pay for her rent so who knows.
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It depends to a large degree on the circumstances.

Many people work very hard to achieve everything they get---whether it's success or failure.

So if it's an externality---illness, fire, etc.,---I'm likely to help if I can.

On the other hand, if they have gotten where they are by ignoring reality, I'm more likely to let them hit bottom or they will never change---they'll be headed back to the streets shortly even if I did help them this time.

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It depends on the person and their circumstances. I have known people who would never do anything for themselves and then blame the  world for their life. There is no helping someone who will not help themselves, so I may give them $20 and a few phone numbers to agencies that might be able to help them. If it was someone I knew that had worked hard and still had everything yanked out from under them, I would help them.

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I would and have helped people out. Family without a doubt and it would depend on the friend.
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Maxine Chan
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Seriously? Depending on the friend? OMG, they are your friend, of course you should help them out but how?
Peggy Burtwell
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I have a couple of friends that have drug and alcohol issues and would think nothing of coming into my house and robbing me blind. Actually, one of them stole my kids piggy bank money so I'm cautious of these 2 friends.
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Well if I saw someone I'd hand them money. Not like 50 quid or anything but a pound or something. I want to help but at the same time have enugh so I don't become poor!

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