If i am not in what is considered a stable living environment, and have a relative or a friend willing to take me in, would i be able to move out without parental consent at the age of 16 or 17?


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Arthur Wright answered
Not at all unless you have your High School diploma or are legally 18, so you would be considered a runaway if someone complains or you get into trouble and get caught regardless if its a relative or friend. Now with budget cuts in every city and state, I doubt seriously anyone is going to come hunting you down for being a runaway so if you did and played low key, you might get away with it. The problem being is whoever you move in with is not legally responsible for you and cannot legally sign or approve anything like an emergency surgery for you
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If its a relative then yes maybe, but the police may get involved because your parents are legally responisble for you. And it depends on what country your in? I'm in Australia and I know people 16-17 who have left home to stay with friends or realitives when they werent happy at home and with some the police got involved and with some they didnt..I do beleive the completely legal age to do what ever you like is 18 in most countries tho
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Yes you can as 17 is now seen as being adult age and therefore able to be responsible for yourself.

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