I told this guy how i felt and he said this: "I do know what you mean and I have felt like that about someone in the past, but I didn't tell them because I didn't want to ruin the friendship." Is he trying to tell me something?


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It appears as if he is saying that what you said is ruining the friendship between you and that guy. At least that's what I'm getting. If he gives you an example of when he felt the way you do but held back from it, he is most likely trying to say that you should've done the same about your feelings.

Don't be discouraged when I say this. If a guy ever says something like that to you instead of gently turning you down, you should just forget about him. He's not that mature and doesn't have that much finesse for saying that. What he said can actually be considered somewhat rude. It's as if he doesn't respect your feelings and doesn't want to acknowledge them.

Anyway, I wish you best of luck.

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Yeh true, but the thing is one thing I know is he isn't a player and he always showed signs of interest until I confessed how I feel to him, which confuses, I thought there was something there, I just wish he could forgive and forget what I said, go back to being good friends, now he doesn't want to know me a more and I really love him could I really ever have a chance again, he is very young, I just have hope he may change his mind. Is it possible he does have feelings for me too but hates that he does so wont do anything about it, if it is mutual would find it too awkward to hang out anymore?
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I've had an experience similar to yours. The guy wasn't a player but he just didn't really want me to have feelings for him. I know how you feel when say that you still like him, but have some dignity! That guy (although not on purpose) just practically trampled on your pride and dignity. You need to show that you are okay now and that you don't need him or miss him. After some time, you both could be friends again after this whole thing blows over. That's what happened with me.

You also said that he is young. My guy was young too and this whole thing just shows how immature he is. It's not likely that he'll have feelings for you back because of his immaturity. I'm not saying it can't happen, but it's best that you direct your feelings elsewhere right now. Don't waste your time on wishing and hoping on something that doesn't seem likely at this point. You need to take action on things that you do have a chance in. I'm not trying to discourage you. In fact, I'm trying to save you a lot of further suffering. Pondering and thinking about this would do nothing but make you feel hurt. Stop torturing yourself and try to move on. It's hard but it's for the best.

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