Have you gotten to talk to ALL the people on your friends list?


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Joan Profile
Joan answered
No, I have not.  Like Socrates63, I have the problem of some asking for a friend's acceptance and then they disappear.  To my knowledge, I have never failed to answer a shout in my shout box.  I try to answer as many questions as I have time for on a daily basis.  When I disappear for a time, it is because I am out of town or I have had something more pressing come up in my life.
Meta Forrest Profile
Meta Forrest answered
Sadly, no I haven't .. But I do try  :)
Chloe Brisco Profile
Chloe Brisco answered
Nope not yet which is kinda shame
suman kumar Profile
suman kumar answered
I talk to almost everybody on my friends list.
Nadya Bean Profile
Nadya Bean answered
Not yet. I mean most of the time theyre never on when i am... I have like a certain 10 ppl im always talkin to. Out of my 76 friends lol

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