Is It Ok For My Best Friend (guy) And Me (girl) To Sleep In The Same Bed?


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Its fine If you guys won't do anything...

I did that with my best guy friend and we went to a roadtrip and it was cheaper in one room lol and also when people go camping ....
If you guys don't want to be a couple(though under 16s shouldn't be having sex) and end up regretting anything... I suggest you set up like boundaries or something like that just so you guys know
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If you and he both have control, because it has been done and nothing happen but there are others that can not trust nor control their own bodies, nor their you be the judge of that and especially depending on your age.....the best to you
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After reading your profie and your questions I would say hell NO!!!!!!!
CiCi B
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Some Of The Questions I Ask HAve Nothing To Do With Me..honestly.

I Usually Ask Them For Friends :)

This Refers To Me Though LoL
I'm 14, and We Do Everything Together..Including sleep over eachothers houses
He usually sleeps on the floor though because he respects my boundaries. And I love him for that
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No i wont do tht
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I think so.. For i have slept with a bunch of boys in the same bed.. And they all are my friends.. All we did was sleep.. No malice.. For me its ok..
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As long as you realize that he will try and make a move sometime. Men in some way always try, its what we do
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With 14 I would say no. That just would-ed be right. I hope your other questions about having a dream that you have a baby with your friend is not this friend . Good luck and take care of your self !
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CiCi B
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Yeah..It's the same friend :( LoL
Thanks for the advise.
Just so everyone's clear, I have no intentions of having sex anytime soon-These are just things that can't help but to escape my mind.
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Well if you and your friend are ok with it go for it .

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