Have You Ever Had A Huge Crush That You Never Had The Chance To Express To The Person?


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Brandi lol Profile
Brandi lol answered
Yes i have. I had this huge crush on this guy and never said said anything (mainly because i liked him far to much to be able to  form coherent sentences). He saw me more as a kid sister though.
roniece wright Profile
roniece wright answered
Yes i have had a very big crush on a person and never got the chance to tell him...we might have been together right now if i had told him then but guess not
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
Yes I have had a huge crush on a co worker. I could never tell him because it was against company policy. After he quit he got married and had a child. That sucks
martha Profile
martha answered
I am very interested in a great guy right now.  I don't know if he realizes it or not, hope he does!  Hope he is interested in me too, I am working on that!
Ravyn La'Shelle Profile
Ravyn La'Shelle answered
Yes I had a huge crush in 7th grade, on this guy I sort-of knew but we weren't ever really friends since pre-school. I didn't say anything because I feared rejection, now that I look back it was obvious he liked me back. But, now we're both over each other or at least I'm over him.
Paht Keo Profile
Paht Keo answered
Yes i have, but small ones. They were minor. In fact, i don't even remember most of them..lol..
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Anonymous answered
No I was always a straight forward person and had no problem letting a guy know I liked him.
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Rose Ire answered
I have a crush just like that! I won't tell him though because he treats me like his little sister and he told me who he likes!!!! So, I guess i could tell him,but I might be to shy for that.
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Ravyn La'Shelle
Ravyn La'Shelle commented
I'm sorry that your in that position. One day he'll realize that he'll like you as well, whether it's too late or not. I was in the same situation once.

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