My Brother Is Really Angry, He's Get's Angry Over Such Small Things And He Has Started To Threaten The Family....and He's Only 10 Years Old...Can You Help!


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I think he need to get in some help by a professional before this gets out of hand.He needs some phychiatric help and get on some meds. He could have bipolar if his moods go up and down from happy to mad .Like he is one person one minute and another at a drop of a dime. From what you said it sounds like it to me.
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I hope I can offer some help.  I was pretty angry a couple of years ago, and I was that way to my husband, except I would do real hurtful things to him lock him out and I wish he was dead but then he put me in counseling and after about 1000 test of you name it and putting me in like a rubber room they finally found out that I was suffering from an anxiety and bi-polar disorder.  What you describe sounds a lot of what I did.  Now I am on meds and counseling once a month and group therapy and I am about 75% then I was.  I hope this helps.  I will be praying for your family
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This Child, and the family need help seriously! Find a therapy group on Anger management, and while he is working on that, a refresher course on parenting might be helpful, Both of these treatments have been very effective for my family.

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