Should You Ever beleave people about what they are saying about your boyfriend even though there have been things about him before and they arent true.? My friend is stuck listeing to her bf and other people what should she do?


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Just ignore them is what I would say,as there are always sly and shallow people out there who have no life and are just jealous of you.These are the low-lives that will say or do anything to hurt or upset you and spoil your happiness.I say ignore them and rise above the pettiness - they're aren't worth the trouble.
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Your friend should sit down and go over so things with her bf and try to get an understanding with him about what these people are saying maybe its me but I belive they are trying to come in between a good thing that seem is going on with them by telling her false information on her man you see thats why you should get understanding of each other before going to a relationship with a man knowing how people are when you get with someone new
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She needs to trust her boyfriend. Other people will always have nasty things to say. Unless she sees something herself, she needs to ignore all the petty, shallow people.
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I agree thank you that helps alot and i dont want to keep seeing her get hurt just by what people are saying..there just jelouse
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If I believed everything that has been said about my hubby in the past it would be pretty unbelievable. I had people tell him once that I had been sleeping around and was pregnant. Imagine my shock when he came home with that. Tell her to hang in there. They'll leave her alone eventually.
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Well thanks that kind of helps me out to girls can be big skanks and really jelouse sometimes (: All your guyses answers are helpful to me to in a way thanxs

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