My Boyfriend Is A Very Deep Person. What Does That Mean?


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Robin Burden answered
Being 'deep' can mean a number of things - but most women see depth as a positive quality to have in a partner.

What does it mean if my boyfriend is 'deep'?
Being described as deep means your boyfriend is pensive and enjoys thinking and reflecting about things.

A deep person is often intuitive and intelligent, and likes talking, discussing and listening. There's also a sense of ethics and morality that is often associated with the term 'deep'.

For example, the opposite of a 'deep' person would be a 'shallow' person - someone who is self-centered and superficial.

Depth of personality is the exact opposite of these qualities, so someone who is "deep" would be seen as being selfless and genuine.

Is it good that my boyfriend is 'deep'?
A deep person is usually thoughtful and considerate - and these are certainly great qualities to have in a partner.

It means he'll always bear your opinion and perspective in mind, and will always think about you and your feelings before doing or saying something.

However, your boyfriend may also have an over-analytical or even obsessive side to his character that may put a burden on your relationship. Deep people tend to be very thorough and meticulous - which can get annoying after a while.
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Maybe it just means he's sweet, caring and sensitive. There are men out there that still fit those qualities - I wish I could find one, though!

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