What Should My Friends And I Do At My Sleepover?


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Whatever...just have fun with them...they are your friends...do anything its not like they will quit being your friend if you don't have fun with them.
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Play punishment cards games, truth or dare, make over, watch horror movie, tarot, trading gifts, gossip(lol), pillow fight, play active games! This will keep you busy all night...
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You should: Do makeovers,nails,call really hot boys,eat whatever,do your hair,go on the computer,play board games, annoy boys by calling them over and over and over, watch tv,watch movies, txt boys, listen to music, do tooth paste tatoos,and eat what ever you want to, do a spa makeover, a pedicure, make plans for the weekend, just do what you would do if it was the first day of summer break!!! Hope you like this have funnnnn!!!!!
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First you should watch a scary movie(make sure you have friends to comfort you!)then you should tell scary stories, last you should play truth or dare or talk about boys!
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movies- john tucker must die, means girls, happy gilmore, new moon,twilight, little man, little britain , coraline 3D, aliens in the attic, just married. Scary movie- SAW!!!
Sweets & choco
prank call
if you got a pony why not let your friend have a ride
cinema, shopping, swimmming etc.....
Truth and dare
take a Random pics and put on facebook!!!!
Tell scary story
have fun :D !!
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You can do 1.manicures & pediicuress  2.pillow fights  3.prank prople(throw water from the roof on peoples or prank call them)  4.Make up songs togather  5.ask each other darkest &deepest secrets  6.play truth or dare  7.watch a movie & eat popcorn  8.make hollywood posters and give pictures in the middle of your own  9.play hide in seek in the dark  10.drink coffee to stay awake
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Well what I am doing I am going to do a play and then we will watch a movie. Then we would have a snack and play a little.Next we would go to bed.But we would fake that we were go to bed and instead just chat. Then bed.Inn the morning some people might eat breakfast at my house. Play a little until there parents pick them up. Then thats how I am going to do my sleep over. There is some advice.   Love,lexi
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If you have 7 than invite 7 with yourself it will be eight a even #,especially for games, so you play games such as card games,uno etc, board games ie scrabble,tell jokes,play music,as long as it is not loud and disturbing to others,tell stories,have snacks before bed, just over all have fun and enjoy,watch movies and discuss it,like things that you see done wrong that will let you know it is only a movie,good movies, "the great debate,shriek,and others that you like norbit is funny.....don't forget your movie snacks and drinks...have fun and let us know what a fun time you had and how it went .....     
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You can play board games, prank call hot boys, play truth or dare, would you rather, and who to save in a fire, play charades, have a spa, do makeovers, watch hilarious movies, go on trampoline, tell funny stories, talk about boys, text cute guys, ask each other questions you HAVE to answer, have debates on certain topics, play awesome music, bake, hang out outside by the sewer and laugh having a good time, drink lots of soda, eat candy, EAT 2 WHOLE BOXES OF PIZZA, prank eachother (ex. Shaving cream, "ants" on pillow (really raisins) etc.) toothpaste tatoos, burping contests
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-Would you rather
-don't say it
-Truth or dare
-Make a Collage of you and all your friends that come!

Have Fun!
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Just have fun.  Watch movies. Stay up late. Prank call some cute boys or something like that.  Just go with the flow.  Play bored games or/and computer games
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You should:
Watch movies
talk about boys
prank call cute boys
have a midnight feast
invite boys

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