What To Pack For Sleepover?


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 Socks
 Shirt
 Pants
 pajamas
 Sweater
 Brush
 Toothbrush & toothpaste
 Bag
 Pillow
 Make-up & remover
 Deodorant
 Body spray
 Extra socks
 Cellphone charger
 Camera & charger
 Snacks
 Bank card ($2.60)
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Clothes for next day
Toothbrush and Toothpaste
Socks and Underwear
Something to entertain you from being bored
A special blanket or something you need to bring
Swim suit if you're going swimming
Sleeping Bag
Perfume/ body lotion/ makeup (if you're a girl)
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It depends if your a girl or guy and how old you are. I am a girl and I'm 11 so I usually bring PJ's, a toothbrush,brush,hair product,maybe a hat,lipstick,body mist,lotion,deodorant,clothes for the next day and thats pretty much it unless my friend wants me to bring anything specific =)
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You will need to obviously pack pyjamas and clothes for the next day. You will need to pack a sleeping bag, unless told otherwise and you will need to take a toiletry bag with toothbrush etc. In it.

Hope this helps!

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