Why Are Woman So Clingy?


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Maybe its our horomones. I'm personally not like that but I know a few girls who are like that and I agree that it is insane.
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Women tend to see relationships in terms of connection--we're socialized this way, and in addition, we probably have some tendency toward it genetically.  Added to that, we have many experiences n western society of what the lay public calls "daddy issues" -- that is separation from the earliest role model in our straight western society by which we start to model intimate relationships.

Many girls who are now grown women crave the connection they did not feel (for whatever reason) to a figure in their lives who they were told was the ultimate power in their society--their protector, their strength, their reflection of attractiveness, etc. Before they were old enough to realize that all of those things reside within themselves.  This often takes the form of the father in patriarchal societies as women begin to try to separate their identities from their mothers and find their reflection of worthiness and attraction in males.  Women (and men) tend to play out this scenario over and over again in relationships, looking to recover what they never really had from others, mostly in intimate bonds and relationship--and most often in romantic ones in later life.  Add to this the cultural values and messages in western society that say to young women everyday that they are not worthy, cannot do it on their own, and must be dependent on another for their self Worth--and there you have it-- experiencing exactly what you are describing.

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Does that apply to lesbian relationships too?...
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I don't see why it would not. We as women are all socialized the same way in western society, and as young children, have the same expectations for intimacy and bonding. Whatever the sexual attraction (i.e., same-sex relationship, for example) we are still looking for the same bond of intimacy in a relationship/human connection regardless of sexuality.
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I don't think all women are clingy.  That's a generalization. It's like saying all men are abusers, when only a  very small percentage are.

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You dated the crazy ones ! Not all women are clingy though, I think women who are insecure tend to get clingy, and you probably did a little too much on the first few dates to kinda mislead them and got them thinking "we are a couple now"
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Wow that is news to me,on the first date yet,oh my,can't live without you, I mean seriously how did you manage before you met me,oh my god that is giving women a bad name,I'm a female,but I would say this is do to low self esteem,just to know you gave them a bit of attention they went over the limit,but I guess there are some women like that,hope you find someone that is not quite so clingy and needy,Oh by the way what state is this? You know statistics say the ratio is 3 woman for everyone man,it is worse for a long time it was 2,maybe that has something to do with it......good luck
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Gosh really?, here goes....

good girls will be good and look for more sign if it struck them that you are interested in them, they will give you clues which you wont understand, but they will be thinking it would be enough for you to understand...

but the desperate 1 jump at even a doubt  that you might be interested in them...
and they go lovey lovey at you...

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In a girl girl relationship they tend to be more emotional attacted it seems.Every girl relationship I have been in has been very like always wanting to hold each other and all thet but in a guy one its not like that you always see the girls more into the relationship...you need to find a girl that is like laid back and not so emotionally high and needing
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They're not, I think men are more clingy than woman...but it's a generalization. Either men or woman can be needy, desperate and clingy. It's unattractive. It's suffocating and makes you feel trapped. Us women sort of hate it when guys get distant and cold and aloof but then if he comes on too strong, texting all the time, wanting to know what you're doing all the time...we hate that too, so you have to find the balance between being distant and being clingy. Like this guy suddenly stopped texting me an was distant and yeah that annoyed me...but then this new guy who I haven't even met in person texts all the time...where I live there's hardly any reception so sometimes I don't receive messages, sometimes they come late...and I told him this...but he will send like 10 texts and some will say 'are you ok?' as if something must have happened to me because I'm not replying. No, idiot, it's just my world doesn't revolve to replying to your numerous messages. It's weird/funny how I can resent this person almost...but then I felt neglected for the one that stopped contacting me. I guess it's more like this - text once that day, if she replies, carry convo on until it seems there's nothing else to talk about...if she doesn't reply, don't keep bombarding her inbox with more texts. It's not going to call attention on you to us because we can see you name heaps of times in our inbox. It's going to call desperation. And this guy is saying some sexual innuendos and saying to send sexy pics.

Personally, I don't mind if a guy doesn't talk to me for a few days, but I would mind if it's been like 4 I guess, (if I really like him) and there's no word. Male tossers out there, we actually prefer the telephone to texting, too. A romantic gesture like a handwritten letter wouldn't be asking too much, would it? ... Ha, at least the men of the 16th century had more class and actually did things to win women but then again they didn't have stupid unromantic technology.

Some women are clingy, to answer your question, because they are insecure. They're desperate for love so when you come along, they cling hard, they don't want to let go. Maybe instead of just ditching them (or getting freaked out...which is hard not to do, I know!) just reassure them that you like them, you're not going anywhere...and say that you need some space, though. And say just to take it naturally and let the commitment grow rather than forcing it.....

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